Hazard Identification Risk Assessment and Control

This is a useful template for Safety Officers. It is an Excel Sheet, and editing is more easy.

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Medicines Recording and Audit

You can add medicines. Record the usage and monitor how much is left in your stocks.

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Job Hazard Analysis

Great template for startups. Every Safety Officer should have this.

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All in Monitoring of Safety and Health Records

This is a unique workbook for Safety and Health Records. Annual Physical Exam, Report of Disease, Medicines Record and Leave Records Summary.

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Tons of Free Templates

Here you will Download the Templates for FREE!.

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Name of Template Category Link Video
Workers Screening - SubCon Safety Officer Download
Emergency Preparedness and Response Team Occupational Health Nurse Download
Permit to Work Safety Officer Download
Pharmacy Template Occupational Health Nurse Download
Health Dashboard (PREMIUM) Occupational Health Nurse Download
Certificate of Employment-Sample Human Resource Officer Download
AWOL Letter Human Resource Officer Download
Emergency Procedure Emergency Response Team Download
Job Hazard Analysis Safety Officer Download
Ambulance Checklist Emergency Response Team Download
Annual Health Plan Occupational Health Nurse Download
Annual Health Plan Template Occupational Health Nurse Download
Blood Pressure Log and Report Occupational Health Nurse Download
Conduct and Performance Observation Checklist (PREMIUM) Occupational Health Nurse Download
Secodary Survey Form - First Aid Emergency Response Team Download
Communication Letter - First Aid Training Emergency Response Team Download
Role of First Aider Emergency Response Team Download
First Aid Guide Emergency Response Team Download
Patient Referral Form Occupational Health Nurse Download
Report of Disease - Presentation Occupational Health Nurse Download
Program Management Report Safety Officer Download
Accomplishment Report - Signages Safety Officer Download
Attendance Sheet Safety Officer Download
Fire Extinguisher Locator Safety Officer Download
CHSP Template - Comprehensive Safety Officer Download
Hazards List Safety Officer Download
HIRAC Sample - Grinding Safety Officer Download
HIRAC Sample - Moving Materials Safety Officer Download
HIRAC Sample - Using Spray Paint Safety Officer Download
HIRAC Sample - Use of Computer Safety Officer Download
Health Statistics And Dashboards (PREMIUM) Occupational Health Nurse Download
DOLE Required Medicines Audit Occupational Health Nurse Download
Annual Plan Occupational Health Nurse Download
Attendance Sheet - Health Activities Occupational Health Nurse Download
Training Roadmap Occupational Health Nurse Download
Urine Color Poster Occupational Heath Nurse Download
Application Letter Format Human Resource Officer Download
Employee of the Month - Certificate Human Resource Officer Download
Certificate of Oneness Human Resource Officer Download
Leave Recording Workbook Human Resource Officer Download
Performance Appraisal Human Resource Officer Download
Checklist of Requirements Human Resource Officer Download
SSS-EC (Employees Compensation Computation) Human Resource Officer Download
Resume Format - Sample Human Resource Officer Download
HSE Dashboards Template Safety Officer Download
HIRAC Sample - Welding Safety Officer Download
Minutes of the Meeting Safety Officer Download
PPE Matrix Safety Officer Download
Report of Hazard Safety Officer Download
Risk Assessment Safety Officer Download
Site Inspection Checklist Safety Officer Download
Tag-in Tag-out Sample Design Safety Officer Download
Safe Work Procedure Sample Safety Officer Download